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About the breed

Havanese are charming dogs who will win your heart instantly. They originate from Cuba, although supposedly they were brought there from the Mediterranean. The history of the breed states that they are most likely descendants of Bolognese, Maltese and small Poodles. Their origin dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

In Cuba, Havanese were members of rich aristocratic families in the past. With the Cuban Revolution, the number of these dogs was drastically reduced, as they represented the symbol of the old regime. When the breed was already threatened with extinction, some dogs were secretly smuggled into the United States, where their planned education began. Today, the breed is spread all over the world.

Havanese welcomes you with a loud bark at the entrance to your home, and when he sees you, he jumps into your lap and happily shares wet dog kisses.

The breed was defined with FCI Standard No. 250. The FCI classification includes Havanese in IX. group – Companian and toy dogs. The color of the hair is rarely completely pure white, fawn in its different shades (slight blackened overlay admitted), black, Havana-brown, tobacco color, reddish-brown. Patches in mentioned colors are allowed. Tan markings in all nuances are permitted. Undercoat is woolly and not very developed; it is often totally absent. By character, it is charming, gentle, sociable and playful. The shoulder height of the Havanese varies from 23 to 27 cm. The height is 21 to 29 cm (summarized by FCI Standard No. 250 – Havanese).